Let your inner self reflect in outer radiance.

begin with your style healing journey & realign with your authentic self 


This isn't about what you wear. Really.

This is a revolution to realign with your highest self.

We want to see you adorning yourself with love & intention.

This also isn't What Not To Wear

We don't care about trends or being "age-appropriate" or "business professional" or "trendy" or "purging".

We care about banishing your inner style demons to call in your divine style spirits.



Styling Kit

Take The Journey


Style Reading

Connect with your highest self as we use style cards to reflect the mood, vision and style that we aim to develop together.


Style Journal

What do you want to change? This is a personal deep dive to explore the intention of our work.



Energetically lift a closet that is holding you back.  We will release certain pieces and ideas that are no longer serving you and call in your style spirit and essentials.

Ceremony closed by a closet smudge + crystal prescription aligned with your needs.

dream board.jpg

Dream Board

Let's turn your style dreams into a visual reality with world-class art direction and conceptual perfection. We'll manifest a vision for the future as we write your own personalized style mantra.


Your Guide

Whether it's a guided shop for a new shoot for your yogi website, an Instagram refresh or working on a campaign for your budding business, this is where we make magic together. I have a decades worth of professional experience with hundreds of iconic brands.


Style Spellbook

From imagery of our photoshoot to full catalogued outfits that we've created, you'll find all of your content in this magical Style Spellbook. It's here to guide you on the journey even after our work is done.


style services



We'll establish the essentials of your wardrobe and release old energies while calling in the new.

Ceremonial smudging and crystal remedy included. 

Personalized Shop

Caroline will hunt and gather to find the perfect wardrobe needs and updates within any budget


Align your style with the seasons as Caroline helps you make cosmic clothing choices during these times of shift.  

group SHOP

Party! Get your goddess girlfriends together to curate your wardrobes with Caroline on a fun-filled day of tea, shopping and self exploration.


Need some new content for your social channels? Desiring entrepreneurial or creative headshots? Caroline will help you think outside the box to best convey your authentic self.

Commercial styling + Art Direction

As a branding expert, Caroline will thrive in actualizing your businesses creative initiatives, concepts and visions from inception to completion.

Event concepting, Space design + Curating

From pop up activations at desert festivals to intimate wellness gatherings, Caroline thoughtfully and creatively curates any space or event to connect your community through good vibes, gorgeous textiles, the perfect hangout nooks and, of course, lots of plant babies.

wander in style

Extended travel?  Channeling your inner wanderess? Even if you have one climate/continent in mind or many, your bags should be well-organized with complete outfits, so you can focus on the fun part - exploring and adventuring.

well home

Want easy and effective tips and practices for how to "spring clean" toxins and unnecessary objects out of every room in your home? Caroline will help you create a space that brings joy and lasting wellbeing.

Interior consulting and home decor shopping updates also offered.


All Day, Everyday Style and Wellness Inspiration

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